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Conscience Three

1979 - 60cm x 80 cm.

The footprints show man's repeated disregard of such affairs. 

The vulture, now closer, is positioned near the girl, showing that there is certainty in its intent and such actions of the vulture are a natural process of nature. 

The little girl now looks away from society and fellow mankind knowing that there will be no-one to help.

The flag here shows the renowned Leonardo da Vinci's drawing of man as a balanced creature. The artist has used such  to demonstrate that he vehemently disagrees that  the human society  is balanced  , and the entire series of paintings are a presentation intended to challenge this idea- to show that man is unbalanced and distortional, neglecting its own in such a horrific manner.

All subjects within the series of paintings may appear as symbolic but the victim is shown as realistic. The artist has used this aspect to show  the  importance of  her presence in  man's world. Her position remains constant in all 3 paintings; with this, the artist is bringing to our attention the fact that her plight is constant and not  likely to change unless mankind changes its values and priorities. The astronaut is  taking "a giant leap for mankind" and is self congratulating upon the success of  putting a flag on the moon, yet mankind is still ignoring the starving little girl.

In all 3 paintings the footprint directions show that historically man has caused, with no intention to stop causing, such results because of  its actions.

These three paintings have taken the artist from 1978 until 2006 to complete. He considered very carefully before continuing.

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