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                A biography.

Gordon Kane is a non-conformist artist, paints as he wishes and does not allow influences from any source to affect his style of painting nor his compositions. He takes pride in having complete original thought and his paintings are entirely his own ideas of what they are about and how he paints them. Gordon has never read a text book on art and has no intention of doing so. He has absolutely no interest in any of the established styles and ideas of any other artists or art establishments. He has spent many years being totally dedicated to his paintings and considers his art as his most worthwhile activity.

Many a visitor to his studio, named 'The Hut' have tried to influence Gordon and his reasoning as to what he is doing and unwittingly are an intrusion and an upset to him. Hence Gordon has even gone to the extent of painting the doorstep entrance to 'The Hut' blue. At times he has advised people that when they cross the blue line they have entered Gordon's thinking arena and their comments are to be saved until the painting is completed and on a wall. Until then he is simply not interested. He gains satisfaction in knowing that a finished piece of his works has been pure original, thought, style, technique and composition and his own personal idea.

Gordon has spent many years in the forest on his own and has a strong desire to record what he has seen with his paintbrush. The ever changing colours and effects of light are an intense attraction to gordon in his search to become able to by memory only. To record his memory and feeling of what he has seen and experienced. One particular day he encountered a red deer stag. Gordon and the stag spent considerable time observing each other amazingly he walked off and jokingly waved at the deer, who continued on grazing. He decided then he must hurry on home and paint this occurrence.

Social comment and in social injustices are a strong motivator and move Gordon energetically to compose, and comment to society to point out the wrong doing or the illustration of the imbalance and societies need to improve the imbalance. He feels that as an artist the concept of an artist, through his paintings is to mirror effect to society so that the human social family can see themselves and realize the course that society has taken.

As a helicopter pilot with well over 6000 hours plus flight experience as a pilot and many thousand hours as a crewman in other helicopters in the World Heritage National park in New Zealand. He has observed, seen, experienced and flown into and through uncountable memorable weather patterns and forever changing scenes of landscape affected by light, shade and weather patterns. During these decades of flight hours gordon's contemplated and observed the uniqueness and realized that not many other people would ever see nor believe that nature can put on such a show. During this period of his life a personal decision was made that his destiny and future wa to do paintings of these memorable sights and experiences. Gordon prefers to be left alone to get along with it.




Gordon Brian Kane. Born on 21 July 1953 in Fairlie, South Canterbury, New Zealand. One of seven children, youngest son of Paul and Gwen Kane. Gordon and siblings were raised by mother.

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