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Black Moon



Reflecting the words of  Brian , a 38 year sea man who had fished tuna through out the northen waters had told him

"Well, my  friend  not only  did you sing rocky racoon song to me so well i would say to you should you be here now with me

"On board we have the youth , strenth and intelligence of  youth , we also have thee old age and the treachery to go with it Brian"

" And brian" he hummered him self with a silent single conversation,"friend  we have all of the above, accomplised full crew"'

"thanks Brian for those teachings of the sea"

Brian early Morning had spoken many words of skill whilst at sea during those hunting missons engaged on school fish netting.Words that remained fresh  in stoney s memory.

Looking around his surroundings the Captain felt a satisfaction with  that he was happy with the completed result of his boat that lead the way towards a new life for all those saved persons sleepin safe comfort.

The corridoors  of this  vessel were a little on the narrow size becaus ein that way there would be larger space  for each  cabin.A lot of things were carefully placed throughout so that the use of convenient as well as non space useage.

A very well thought out floating working fortress.

choice of international music and entertainment was abundament.

Lilly  had explored for such her nature of curiosity  being stronggave he rconfidence when learning her need to learn hungered  for the new.

Many an ancient custom installed on board.Twas to her as tho an ancient vessel had been taken into a future and modified .voice comand operated most equipment .The exterenal   camera were accesable from every  room.

Clean tidy  dry and safe was that  the way of the Silver  lineing.

Th enext  day spent as a lazy relaxing time enjoyed by all.

Lilly  kept asking Ruv question after question , wanting to kno w this and then that about Tri

Ruvs amsement did not falter a mistake during fast  carefully chosen answers.

She a agile thinking trie d again and again to probe deeper into the  life of her   Father.

Not once did she learn more than Ruv intened her ,in his opinion , she should know'

.'how many men has he killed in battle Ruv"? she asked , this tim e eyeing the master eye to eye

Ruv's expression of  no answer taught her  never ever again to ask that question once again.Fix with Ema were makeing the most of zil's labour of love in the kitchen.Her sea weed scones presented in such a way thatshe could of asked either of the two for any task to be done before they got any more

"things couldn;t get better than this man" Ema boasted.

"yes you are on to it"laughed Fixreply with a mouth full of the moist scones he'd ever come across.

These two were having a ball , cups of tea with scones in the mid day sun.

Ruv just couldn'y get away from the poking cheeky Lilly

"Whats this about?" she wanted to know' "Whats that"? always, asking  asking.

Not  once did she detect  any tiring  from th eman sh e spoke with.

Ruv enjoyed the company of this youngsteran dfinally  the walls had been breached by this spirited girl.H ebegan to speak as he had never done before.

Her  mother watching noticed and  heard almosyt all.

Once sh  ewas given the ok from Stoney that no sharks nor dangers were in the water around the vessel she hesitated not asmost of her clothing diappeaared into a untidy floor covering  splashing her way  into the sea .

"come on chicken"' came a high pithced challenge  form with ocean."dear you"

He was puzzeled, she wanted  a friend a companion or just one to intereact with.What she wanted he did not ponder upon for him she was a happy person enjoying life and that to him was all that there was to it all.

Getting a shock as thi suncoth mountain forest  man instantly removed his upper clothing and trousers abeforehe dissappered into the water in front of her.

Waiting, tredding water, waiting ,waiting  nothing.

no sign of th eman who she had summoned into the wet sea with her.

A facial concern began to show .Head turning  each different way still he had not surfaced,

"where is he?" she wondered.

Maybe a dangerous fish had had it s way with im.With that chance thought in her  mind decided to head back to the safety on board.

As her efforts showed fear during the returning boatward distance.

considering raising the alarm to let  the others know of her presumed danger.

A gentle tapping she felt on her head.

A loud frighened squeal sounde across the waters  alarming thos eon deck to rush  forward to veiw the problem. Alright she got.

looking towrds the directiojn of that squeal Zil and Tri saw Ruv's head directly behind Lilly.

as she would turn to catch a glance  at what  had frightened her  he anticapted her moves by sinking out of sight hiding behind her.

Next came a yell of relief as a head suddenly popped up inches in front of her wide open face.

Th esquels of laughter coul deasily b eheard from the boat  .

diving under and around her lik ethat of a large fish ruv gave a demonstration of hide and seek with in the  water.

Tri watched silently, with a non facial blank expression , this  noticed by Stoney and Zil.

Some time ago something had happened where  Ruv had used his water aerobatics during something fierce.This Stoney and Zil were both certain of.Glancing at each other with looks of acceptence that someone was their protector in most  enviroments.

He approached her from different directions , holding her  legs with an up ward thrust she would be thrown out of the water, feeling like a peice of thrown by chimpanze her squeals  of delight mixed with the sounds of another splashing  once  again.

Such was that day .

A pinic at sea.

Lilly tried her best trying to repaet those manouvers of her thrower an dstalker.

Most of the time failing yet takeing her lessons seriously  with a need for devlopment.

Nearing develop[ement of each action he would take her to the next move.

Spectaors considered these proceedings as very much a need for young woman's developeing process.

as the day wore on the two sea players returned to their dry deck.

A tired smile spoke  many things to th emother of thhe happy daughter .

Drying them selves on deck lilly an dthe others saw stories written on Ruv's limbs and back.

To them he all he looked very healthy .

Lilly liked what she saw.





Actually grass used to cover quarter of the earth surface. This basic planet growth is the need of most of all creatures. Grass can be burnt, flooded, dried, stomped and treated badly in many ways but grass always regrows migrations of animals and birds have always depended upon it. 

Since life here on this little planet began to exist, grass was the substance of food, a gift of nature. Many variants of grass exist. One variants of grass is grown in Australia in hot dry desert like plains. It burns easily growing again after rainfall. 

To walk through this shin high soft grass one will become covered in small sharp harpoon like fruit of the plant. This part carries the seeds of an incredible surviving growth. Somehow it seems to grow in the most barren soil. This grass will help soil become more suitable for crops. Cattle that grass on this food source along with the camel, kangaroo, pig and horse become very health indeed. 

Protein is abundant is the leaves as well as moisture that is absorbed at the cool cool of the evenings. Smaller insects and tiny eatable creatures survive easily within, giving shelter from the daily heat and warmth during the cold nights. All across the hot western Australian outback it flourishes. The survival of its seeds is not in the plants favour. The roots of this grass will keep an individual alive for a long time. It was in the opinion of Stoney, Fix and Ema that was there need. 

There ability to have researched knowledge gained by their trading skills surely did help them into the highest best option when alternatives were available. As dawn became day time the vessel floated through the waste as though any other. Sitting at the gathered table Stoney advised he needed a sleep. Giving orders to all on board of the days plan he closed the door to his room. Lilly and zil were asked to stay on the ship all day along with Ruv and Ema.

Fix, tri and Stoney were to trade. The aborigine in their natural environment is ok. The tribes that have encountered the European became decadent. “Stoney  has friends over here” he pointed “at a screen that showed the mid western shoreline of Australia” Fix reported. Explaining that on a previous recent visit they had asked the tribal people for supplies of seeds from this grass. “It is safe to presume that upon our arrival we will be able to return with a bulk load of seed” ema added in hopefully. “What do they want in return for it?” asked lilly. “Greenstone”, was all fix could offer. “What?!” lilly accusingly protested.

So Stoney spent about six days here last time showing them it was done. "These people don't need much,

they don't want much " Fix told "But they want greenstone:. "Maybe as a trading currency?" Lil offered.

"Maybe, maybe" Ema thoughtfully spoke. Whatever these tribal peoples  wanted it for they were going to get it.

"Where did you get the greenstone from?" asked lilly. The hunters in the hills of of the southwest called the Saxtons.

"Good people, they are very good people" Fix talked.

They worked hard to gather alot many years ago. Stoney traded with them for it.

"With what?" again Lilly piped up. "Dont know" was all Fix would say. The talk went on for a while longer

until Stoney awoke. Strapping a band around his left forearm Stoney answered the curious expressions of the faces watching him.

"This ladies  and gentlemen," he announced "Is something that i call special". "Meaning what?" Challenged Lilly with a pleasant manner.

 "Meaning that my dear lady" accepting the friendly challenge in a chilvorous manner Stoney explained' "Is an international translater

of all and every known language that is known to date". "Holy hell!" Tri congratulatingly called out.

"You mean that you can understand every one then?" Lilly asked. "Yes" Stoney added "But only to my voice at present".

"You mean it some how recognizes your voice?" Ruv, staring at it was obviously impressed.

Impressed not only with the tool it was but he had an idea of its costs to develop it as well as these

brilliant trades being able to get their hands on one." Many around?" Ruv was curious. "A few but hopefully there will be more"

Stoney hoped. "So it can ony work with your voice at the moment?" Lil was trying to think to think of its use if Stoney was gone

"At the moment yes" advised the captain "But when i've got the time i'll be sorting it out how to make it usuable for all.

We've been waiting for word from Israel survivors  that know about it". "How did Israel get on during the wars?" Tri hopingly enquired.

Tri always felt supportive to Israel, he admired the survival. They did not wish harm to others but wished only to be left alone to live.

Ema joined in, "Israel was one of the first to become attacked but was al prepared for it". "Good" Tri spectated, "What and how" he added

"Undeground cities". Not many knew that Israel was preparing to ive a long time underground.

"For many many years Israel was getting ready" Ema replies. "Hey the tool on your arm Stoney".

"Ok". The captain went forward with his limited knowledge of it.

He spoke of the materia it was made was actually a comuter that only needed ody warmth to energize itself.

Sunlight was its main source of power."This little tiger can be used for weeks non stop in the dark".

"Well i'll be" a suprised Ruv voiced, his eyes still staring at the voice book. "Voice book i cal it" Ruv nominated.

"Actually it doesn't have a name". "Does now then" Tri officiated. "So be it" the captain finalised.

He then showed the crew how he could speak. "How now brown cow" he spoke towards his raised arm.

"What language you want it translated Lil?" he asked. "Um, um Zulu" she laughed.

Sure enough the Zulu voice began to respond repeating the sentance. If i get an aboriginy to seak towards it,

It will reply to me transated into english straight as soon as the aboriginy stops talking for 1 minute.

"Absolutely fantastic!" cried out Lil "Where'd the idea come from?". Ema told of Brian Harris an ocean fisherman,

who had spent most of his life at sea. "He was the one who got the idea started" Telling an interested audience Ema roudly commented.

"I sailed under catain Brian Harris during my years as a navigator, he was a hard case always playing a trick on me, just kidding around.

He knew his stuff and did it all as well. The idea had reached the millitary of Russia and the Israel scientists developed it more so,

well Thank you Israel" voiced Lil. It made her feel good. "The Aboriginy thought we're gods or something" Fix jokingly furthered.

"Being able to translate and talk to them in their own language". A burst of laughter echoed aroung the room. "So" the captain holding everyones attention,

"Today myself, Tri and Fix will take the greenstone to them and return with a load of seeds"

The grass seeds will be stored below but we need to get a crop going in our ships garden straight away."

Having said that the three removed a rubber small boat from a small door way under the table and prepared for the days plan.

"How are you going to carry the seeds back to the coat?". "Don't worry Lil" he assured "Things were all organised last time we were here".

Satisfied with the answer Lil relaxed similing at Tri with a contented face."Hot hot sun out there" he said helping Tri down the rope to the rubber boat they had inflated.

"These aboriginy people have many women left?" Tri asked. "Yer some tribes have, mainy distant from civilization, people may not be without woman".

"He explained how if any tribal peoples had not been in contact with civilisation then they most likely were ok.

Good Tri thought. Rowing ashore was alot easier than Tri had thought it would be. Particulary when he'd only sat and watched the experienced two in perfect union

make the boat travel in a straight line to a small beach.

The gentle sea helped them onto sand. It was a funny feeling for Tri to stand on ground that did not roll or move.

Moving the little boat into some bushes away from eyes and the hot sun, the men began to walk.

Heading towards a small group of hills with strange orange rocks looking like balls or differant sizes Tri managed to learn how to watch the ground

incase he stood on anything sharp. The ground was a yellow ochre colour. All around him he could only see

rocks, stones and the grass. He walked carefully when there was plenty. The rap arounds that Stoney had given to him protected his lower legs

from the scratches of the small minature sharp branches of strange looking trees. Stopping to drink water from their packs the three men were always ooking into the distance.

Wearing large brimmed hats with cloth hanging down the back of their necks the three ooked as though they were hiding. "The sun out there can kill" Stoney whispered.

After about one mile Stoney began to aim a mirror reflection towards a group of trees near large boulders. These boulders seemed to be stacked by a child.

All on top of one another. It would be too easy for anyone to think that a giant child had playfully put these huge boulders into a tidy piles, he mused to himself.

Soon a small smoke signal could be seen from the boulders.

"They are here" Stoney talked "probably been waiting a month". "Eh?" enquires Tri.

"Time means nothing out here for there people" was the reply he heard.

Following Stoney in single file the three made their way towards asolitry figure standing still.

Uneffected by the sunlight heat, he the black tall skinny dirty shabby looking man stood motionless, waiting until they were all at smellable distance in front of this self confident at peace figure. Some how posture of standing with one leg folded behind the other  knee of stick thinness appeared to be part on the bush groth that surrouned this arean of wide open space meeting  place

"Be still" Fix snaped at Tri "Look at his face only and do not shift your eyes" His voive needed no convinceing that they were in potential danger. "Move wrong and you will be feeding the flies". "K"  whispered Try

This tall thing stcik man wearing  only a rag rappted around his  waist  walked slowly  around  the  goup.

This was his world. These unpleasent strangers were from places far from his earth living world.

His eyes looking suspiciously at Tri. Tri noticed that he wore no foot wear, the feet seemed to be uneffected by the terrain

Scars covered his legs. Across his cheeks above very large lips was a healed old wound that went from the corner  of  his  mouth right up to the  top front  part of his left ear.

The hair of this reatrure simply loooked like that of the neigbouring scrub bushes  .

Within  them selves Fix and  companions recognised a great  respect  for  the  sameness of the  vegetation surrounding this  creature and whom they being inspected by. His hair being a mess of tightly curled black greying dusty dirty birds nest Tri mused  him self. In the  hands of this desert dwellor a spear, long death maker in appearence seemed to be part of his body.

As Tri confidently looked the aboringiney over, noticing every detail he could, his eyes stoping a curved shape piece of wood that was poking out from the rag around his waist. Around his neck was a string of something that Tri guessed was a snake skin. Both Stoney and Tri were being ?? as the aboriginy ?? to walk around Tri. Both the white and black men were cautious of each other. Both not trusting, both sensing confidence in each other. They learning the other by sensing. As the glances at each other became slower the more each learned of the other.

Death would happen fast to one of them if the other moved to quick. ?? ?? the aboriginy had waked around and around Tri, his eyes on Tri all the time. Twisting his head so the black man was in his sight all the time Tri was ready with his walking stick.

His knife was always ready for easy quick access when needed. Tri sowly began to walk around ????? more relaxed tribal sentry. He reapeated as the way he had been treated. Around and around slowly looking all over the now standing still tribesmen. A fast glance at Stoney he saw smiling. Sensing that tension was becoming less he then ooked into the eyes of the darkest face he'd ever seen in his life. It was as though this face has the aboriginy history of his homelands written all across his face. Staring into the dark brown eyes, Tri was met by the same stare. At that point neither breathed nor blinked, just looking into differant coloured eyes. For the tribesmen to see blue yes was entertaining. Slowly, slowly a smile appeared on the face of each of these two deadly killers. Should one move fast then an instant battle  to death would occur. No fear showed by either was mutual, both confident of surviving. At this the smile on there differant faces began to grow larger.Then suddenly the black man began to laugh. A nervous laugh was Tris' thoughts. He is laughing to end the stand off between us two, thats ok but I think he is concerned for himself. H emust feel that i mean no harm.

So in a way it was ?? that Tri was accepted but the more dangerous of the two would be Tri. With that Tri smile behan a slight   laughter. The slightly nervous other one returned such with his smile becoming a confident laughter. Looking at each other, the tall thin man placed a pepaceful hand on Tris' shoulder. Tri returned the gesture sowly. He then stood back and folded his arms. Sightly lowering his his head, eyes still on the other, Tri had finished the situation and showed a respectable slow nod of lowering his head. With that that other lowered his head towards Tri. His head went lower than Tris'. Tri did not take his eyes off this man of the dust, he noticed that the eyes of the lowered towards him were out of vision to him. He respects, trusts and recognises me as a fighter reasoned Tri to himself. Standing still with arms folded he watched as the aboriginy looked away from him, towards Stony and Fix. Both Stoney and Fix showed the palms of there hands towards the now contented tribal sentry. Relaxation began to take effect on all.

Beckoning for all to follow the bare footed man walked towards the huge rocks. Not a single word had been spoken yet. A ine of single file men, four, walked a slow pace. No-one spoke, Tri looking in all directions, glancing at the ground where he would step next. It, to him, was funny that he would notice the eaders bare feet amongst the print of cicilized footwear that patched this short trail. Every now and then the leader would, without warning, stop. He would look around gazing into the distance. Fix made a noise as he replaced his water bottle in his pack. This bought a frown from the leader. He would then restart his his looking everywere again. Listening was important Tri noticed, What the eyes dont see the ears will know he thought. Sometimes that skinny leader would raise his hand and glance upward to the sky in all directions. It was as though he feared something from above. Tri got the feeling that when the leader looked around he simply wanted to see if all was well. But when he was looking towards the sky Tri began to notice a small fear in the face of the black leader, and so they walked on and on. As the sun was past the high they arrived at the boulders.

Dry, hot, sweaty and tired the words began. "Man it's hot" complained Tri. "Sure is" Stoney agreed. As they stood in the cooler shadows under a massive over hanging rock face Tri heard the distant sound of a water fall. "What?"he asked "How come?". "We put a water drill here for them. The sun runs it" Fix talked, wondering to the sound. Tri was suprised to see a group of natives swimming quietly in a rock pool. "Go for it" Stoney suggested. Although the people in the water were all naked Tri opted to leave his pants on and walked into the shaded cooling water. Much talking was happening between Stoneys arm band computer and the group of tribal people. The swimmers in the water began to laugh and point at the differant white coloured Tri. He knew he was safe. He also realised that to them he was strange. Not wanting to impose upon the group he recothed and joined his own group.

"Hows it going?" he asked. "All good" Fix replied pointing over to a large coth of rock coloured ship salt. "Eh?" he asked. "Follow me" as he walked over Fix beckoned. Under the cover they saw large stacks of bags. "Full of the stuff we want" Fix advised. But the weight and distance was Tris' concern for he was thinking of the long cartage to the shore. "No No take a look in there" he was told. As Tri followed the direction he was instructed to, he came into a large cave. "What the hell" his voice echoing along the legnth of this huge long cave. Before him he saw a vieche of many years since gone. "So that's the answer, I might have known better" he smiled, "I should've guessed it". He remembered the captain speaking earlier in the morning telling Lil that things were organized when they were here last time. Inside that cave were alot of supplies and equiptment. "Yep i suppose the natives don't use any of it?" he enquired. "Na they've got no use for any of this stuff" Fix spoke in reply "It's all junk to them because they simply don't need it". Tri supported what he'd just learnt, "Also" Fix went on "They have learnt that what the white skin has can destroy their way of life. For them being alive and living so is all a dream. They cal it the long dream time". "Fair enough" was Tris' comment.

He understood and agreed with the way of these peoples dislike for that junk

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